A pulpotomy is a procedure performed when the nerve of a tooth becomes infected or damaged, but the tooth can be saved by removing the diseased tissue from within the tooth’s pulp chamber. The pulp is the soft inner tissue of the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels. When the pulp is damaged or infected, it must be removed to save the tooth from extraction.

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At Bright Smiles 4 Kids of Bala, our dentist, Dr. Jyoti, performs a pulpotomy by removing the damaged portion of the pulp while leaving healthy tissue intact. This procedure is usually performed on baby teeth or permanent teeth that are injured but not fully mature. If the pulp is completely dead, root canal therapy may be recommended.  

When a baby's tooth is damaged, treating it as soon as possible is essential to avoid damage to the underlying adult tooth. This is because if it is left untreated, the infection can spread to the adult tooth and cause further damage.

What to Expect During a Pulpotomy Procedure?

A pulpotomy can be performed on a baby tooth that is decayed or damaged due to trauma. The procedure involves removing a pulp portion while leaving the healthy portion intact. This can help to save the tooth from extraction and prevent further infection.

During the procedure, our dentist will first numb the area with a local anesthetic and then make a small incision in the tooth to access the pulp chamber. She will then remove the affected portion of the pulp and clean the chamber to remove any debris or bacteria. Once the chamber has been cleaned, she will fill the cavity with a temporary filling material. 

After the pulpotomy, your child may experience discomfort and sensitivity for a few days. However, they should start to feel better within a few days. Also, following our dentist’s aftercare instructions ensures the tooth heals appropriately.

The Benefits of Pulpotomy

Preserving Primary Teeth

Primary teeth play a vital role in proper speech development, chewing, and guiding the eruption of permanent teeth. Preserving primary teeth through a pulpotomy is crucial to the maintenance of the integrity of the dental arch and supports the growth of healthy permanent teeth.

Preventing Extraction

Pulpotomy can prevent the need for tooth extraction, which is often the last resort when the infection or decay has become severe. Preserving the affected tooth through a pulpotomy allows the child to retain their natural teeth until they are ready to shed them naturally.

Relieving Pain and Discomfort

Pulpotomies relieve the pain and discomfort associated with dental pulp inflammation or infection. By addressing the problem at its source, the child can enjoy a pain-free and comfortable dental experience.

A pulpotomy is a crucial dental procedure designed to treat and preserve the affected primary tooth, relieving pain and preventing further complications. If you think your child needs a pulpotomy, Bright Smiles 4 Kids of Bala can help. We are located at 141 Montgomery Ave, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004, or can be reached at (610) 664-7244 for the best dental care tailored to your specific needs.


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